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Over 1 million patients worldwide now treated at home by AIR LIQUIDE Healthcare
The increase in chronic diseases is a serious public health issue. Since 2008, WHO has encouraged the development of effective measures to counter the problem. The very reason for the existence of the home healthcare activity is to enable patients to receive treatment while continuing to live at home.
CPAP Pillow
AIR LIQUIDE Healthcare is excited to share a new product with you! The CPAP Pillow promotes spine alignment and support...
ResMed Quattro Air – New Full Face Mask
ResMed’s new Quattro Air Full Face Mask is their lightest Full Face Mask yet—45% lighter than the Mirage Quattro mask...
S7 Series and HumidAire – End of Support
It has now been five years since ResMed’s HumidAire and S7 Lightweight and Autoset Spirit CPAP devices were made obsolete...
New F&P Mask
When engineering the F&P Simplus the designers set out to create a mask that revolutionized Full Face comfort, seal and ease of use...
World Sleep Day – 15 March 2013

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