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The latest mask from ResMed is unique in its design as it provides the luxurious feel of a custom made mask at a much more affordable price range. As the softest mask in their entire range, the AirTouch F20 features the patented UltraSoft Memory Foam Cushion technology for comfort and a breathable seal.

Comfort and Fit

The memory foam on the cushions mould to the patients facial contours allowing a perfect fit for 98%1 of patients who tried it during internal trials. The soft personalised fit allows patients with facial hair or sensitive skin who previously experiences high leaks and red marks respectively to enjoy the benefits of a full face mask.


The breathable nature of the cushion is a comfort revolution in its ability to allow excess heat and sweat to escape while maintaining a tight seal even at high pressures. The modular frame allows existing users of the the AirFit F20 range to use the new soft cushions interchangeably thus improving compliance in existing users of the frame.


The maintenance is simple - just wipe it down with non alcoholic wipes after every use. The regular replacement of the cushion gives you that fresh new feeling every time.

Size and Models

The mask comes in 3 sizes- small, medium and large in the same dimensions as the previous AirFit F20 Range, allowing an easy transition for patients wanting to change to a softer more comfortable seal. The AirTouch F20 range will be available in starter kits including a fully assembled mask and three cushions and as an Airmini starter kits.

14 Day Replacement Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with the memory foam cushion, you may exchange it for one AirFit F20 InfinitySeal silicone cushion within 14 days of purchase.

Customer Reviews2

  • You guys have outdone yourselves
  • The AirTouch F20 is the most innovative design I have ever seen in the full face mask arena. The foam cushion literally feels like nothing is touching your face at all.
  • Love it. Best mask ever!
  • I think I am in love with it! It’s awesome and feels so great on my face! I have super sensitive skin so that has been an issue in the past with masks but not at all last night.
  • I’ve had mine for about a week now, and I’ve had great success so far. It is way more comfortable for for me than the regular silicone cushion, stays in place better and I have far less leaks and skin irritation.

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