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ResMed AirFit P10 – New Nasal Pillows Mask

ResMed’s new AirFit P10 is their quietest mask yet, offering the reliability and performance of the Swift FX™ in a design that is 50% quieter and around 50% lighter.

  • Dual-wall technology with trampoline action seals on contact, dispersing air gently to the nose
  • Key-clip nasal pillows offer effortless assembly, with colour coding for easy sizing and left/right orientation to ensure the mask is fit properly
  • Innovative flexi-tube is ultra-light and flexible, yet highly durable, offering freedom of movement without compromising seal
  • QuickFit elastic headgear with unique split-strap design provides stability and adjustability with minimal facial contact
AirFit P10 Image
  • QuietAir woven-mesh venting gently directs expelled air so it’s barely noticeable to the patient and their bed partner
  • AirFit P10 for Her is designed especially for women, offering a smaller size for female facial contours, along with stylish tones and highlights

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